Sundays have never been the same since Gary Larson retired. He said that after 15 years he ran out of ideas for The Far Side and felt he was getting repetitive. I can’t speak for the other millions of readers out there, but he made me laugh until the end.  As a kid when my dad sat on the porch with his coffee, he would open the paper and immediately hand over the Comics section to us impatiently waiting kids and we’d tear through it looking for The Far Side funny first.  Everything else in the section was just filler.  If ever there was a cartoon genius, it was Gary Larson.

It’s a dream of mine to interview Gary and deconstruct how his “one-in-a-billion” mind works.  A genius mind like that needs to be cataloged! Until I get the chance to share his Cartooning Strategy on this blog (which I fully plan to do!), I’d like to open this blog by paying homage to one of the great modern day geniuses and share a few of my favorite “Genius” cartoons with you.  They still make me laugh every time I look at them.  Enjoy!




3 Responses to The Genius of Cartoonist Gary Larson

  1. Thanks for writing, I very much liked

  2. hugo s. says:

    I would love to see his mind deconstructed.

  3. Dave says:

    I’ve been in product design for years so the “Rocket Scientists” cartoon is classic. A copy of it adorned my wall for many years. Gary Larson’s ability to communicate visually is masterful. We are silly creatures that take ourselves so seriously and he played wonderfully with how our brains and perceptions can make fools of us all.

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